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About Paradigm Life and Know Your Retirement

Paradigm Life is an Insurance brokerage firm dedicated to helping clients reach their financial potential. As our name suggests, we educate on a person’s complete financial picture, which in turn shifts their paradigm about financial freedom and the economy.

We show our clients how to understand their retirement by using a special type of financial account that guards their money from the government and Wall Street's control. This account safely maximizes your returns and gives you dozens of additional wealth-building benefits – including a very secure retirement.

Unlike other qualified plans or savings accounts, when you utilize money from a properly structured Life Insurance policy, you are free from heavy fees and taxes. In most states, judges can't touch this money in lawsuits and divorce settlements.

The financial elite have used this strategy successfully for over 100 years and it was once the primary savings vehicle of America. Since the mid 1970s, however, financial planners have pushed the Wall Street promise so heavily that most people don't even know how beneficial Whole Life Insurance actually is.

This strategy has proven so powerful, however, that The Wall Street Journal recently said, "It has become a tax shelter for the rich... it gives the affluent tax advantages far beyond those available to middle-income people through a 401(k) or IRA."

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